Team A-hole. Never join a team and when they say there's no I in team and that your not a team player say, thanks for your keen observation Brilliantstein but there is an I in team A-hole, let me show you. It's in the a-hole.


Actually, it’s Captain Crunch.

Whoooo keeps buying bird colored sponges? That was lame.  I'm sorry.

I am the best observer you know. last week you thought a sponge in the psych office was an owl. if you'd stop buying them in bird colors, that would stop happening ;


stealing the polar bear- Dead Bear Walking

So Relatable -

When you tell a really bad idea to your friend! Best Friend: Let's do it!

One of my favorite shows:) psych never gets old:)

John Jacob jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name too! Whenever we go out, the people always shout: There goes john Jacob jingleheimer Schmidt, da da da da da da da

There needs to be a pin for every Psych quote ever. XD I cant find my favorites, but this will do. :D" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

"There is nothing that can dent our impenetrable bond" "I have a secret girlfriend" "You're dead to me! >>> can't blame him if my best friend told me that, then I wouldn't know them anymore.

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Funny pictures about Scrabble. Oh, and cool pics about Scrabble. Also, Scrabble.

Weird kid who lives down the street and eats nothing but mayonnaise on saltines?

Weird kid who lives down the street and eats nothing but mayonnaise on saltines? Lol I love psych

Hahahahaaaaa! <3 burton guster!!

I am not a Robot! haha-- That is like my favorite episode of Psych!

@Bill Mackie  sean & gus // psych  "you know whats good is stuffed crust pizza" - "mhm sure is" - "idk how they make that stuff" - "no idea" - "if i knew id make that all the time" - "all. the. time."

Psych - shawn is so easily distracted

pysch (: LOVE the yin-yang episodes! Haha I laughed so hard at this…

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Omg I love this show Gus is so funny!

Funny Pictures – 37 Pics

Shawn: "Collecting donations for the policeman's ball?" Lassie: "We don't have balls." Shawn: "I honestly have no response for that.

Psych <3 I love this show

Just a throwback to a few of my favorite Psych moments

Psych line from "Black and Tan. My name is Black. His name is Tan. I can't believe you just made that assumption; you should be ashamed of yourself. and your family.


Laugh of the day! Funny flashback of Shawn playing chess (TV show Psych) :)

Like a boss

Funny pictures about Jail's Not Fun. Oh, and cool pics about Jail's Not Fun. Also, Jail's Not Fun photos.

"I will politely decline."

I will politely decline. Oh Sean, how I love your witty comments! I love them sooo much, that I have created a board just for psych!