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Costume Ideas - Grease

Ideas for putting together costumes for a high school production of Grease

Costume Ideas - Grease

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Back of halter style prom dress

Towards the end we were running out of time, so crinolines got made with one layer of netting. We made some black and some white--depending on the dress being worn.

We had to make lots of crinolines, so we used the bottoms of old tee-shirts (the bottom hem became the channel for elastic), then sewed on a couple of layers of gathered netting.

Cha-cha's crinoline followed a pattern I found online for kid's pettiskirts.

Cha-cha's dress was a thrift store dress that got a "shelf" bust line made of the hem cut off of one of the longer prom dresses when we shortened it. We glued Dollar Tree carnations to a piece of felt and then sewed them on (always trying to ensure the dresses can be used again for other things!)

We made the costumes for the back-up singers for "Johnny Casino." This was one of Simplicity's Retro patterns. I hated this material--awful to work with, but it looked good on stage.

"Patty" had a barbie-doll look. The dress was too short so we added a pink ruffle and the pink chiffon made it more 50s.

"Rizzo" wore a dress her mom made for her--it looked great!

Our "Jan" wore padding to make her very curvy. To hide her bra straps we added lots of chiffon at the top and to emphasize her waist we added chiffon at the middle. This was another thrift store dress.

This was another thrift store find that was a little too short so we added a ruffle and some trim to fix it up. Frenchy wore this one.

This was a great thrift store find. Added straps to make sure it stayed on while dancing.

Prom dresses that looked like they came from the 50s were hard to find. We did a lot of shortening of thrift store finds (mainly bridesmaid dresses) and added crinolines underneath to give the skirts some fullness. Some, like this one came with crinoline built in. Had to add straps because of the dancing--didn't want anyone to get flashed!

Marty, always looking for a man, ended the show in a poodle skirt with a diamond ring on it.

The scottie dog poodle skirt had a border of rick-rack. I had to draw the lines for the plaid on felt cause I couldn't find anything else that would work.

The simple cat silhouette was supplemented with a fancy polka-dot ribbon border.

Another classic poodle skirt--the sweater was a thrift store find!

This was a Paris themed poodle skirt.

We wanted lots of "comic book" colors for the play so the poodle skirts all were bright colors and simple designs. Here's the classic poodle in lime green.

Wearing her heart on her skirt...

The very classic poodle skirt

Poodle skirts were handmade from a circle skirt pattern. The waistband was from blanket binding which acted as the channel for the elastic. Since more than one character wore the skirts, we had to keep them as flexibly sized as possible. The designs were hot-glued on.

Various characters--an "academic" with a pleated straight skirt, and "edgy" with capris and tight sweater and a "poodle skirt girl" with her skirt.

Nerd outfits were easy--sweater vests and tacky shirts with skinny ties.

the back log on the bowling shirt for Roger