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Slava Varsovia Limited Edition

Slava Varsovia Limited Edition

Every woman enjoys wearing clothing that compliments her particular size and shape, and this may be even more true for generously sized ladies. It can be especially challenging for these women to find attractive and trendy plus size fashion items that...

{closed: may} Parker and Mack were right.. I had to talk to him soon enough.. But they never said how long I have to talk to him!.. I hope.. I knock on your door and wring my hands while I wait

NAME: whatever! / fabionardini DATE PUBLISHED: muchomurka MY COMMENTS: women becoming stronger in their own rights. not dressing to impress but becoming proud of who and what they are politically and socially. not controlled in what the can do but equal

The first year of "A Poster A Day" was about my life, the second year was about Yours.  The next 365 days are going to be Ours. Please use the submission field on and ask a...