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three screens showing the different types of webpages in one place and on another
Maki — Talents Assessment builder ✅
a screenshot of a dashboard showing the number and type of items that are available for purchase
Reward Management Dashboard
Reward Management Dashboard by Renesis UI/UX on Dribbble
a screenshot of the dashboard for an app with several options to choose which one is right for you
Bank Desktop App
an image of a web page with several different types of people on it and the text, job search
JDSolutions_teamSourcer_Applicant_Tracking_Software_SaaS_Job_Screen.jpg by Antoni Nowak
a screenshot of the user's profile page with several people in blue and white
dashboard__hover_blocked_copy_17_2x.png by Harsh Vijay
an image of a website dashboard
Hire Ground | Dashboard
two screens showing the settings and options for an email box, one in blue and one in white
Project Creation Experience
an image of the admin inbox dashboard
Admin inbox
Before UX and after #UX - Design tips for the designers is here Studio, Layout, Ui Ux Design Trends
Before UX and after #UX - Design tips for the designers is here
a computer screen with several different types of people on the page and one is showing
Data table.jpg by Kate Koltunova
a computer screen showing a flow diagram on it's desktop monitor, with the texting section highlighted
Universal Multi-platform Database Tool
three screens showing different types of web pages
Textemo business dashboard for translations
an image of a computer screen with different app icons on the bottom right hand corner
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