2 things we all seem to have forgotten about these days. Now instead of phone booths and mail boxes we have a mailbox ON our phone. who would have ever thought?

Everyday Life in the Past.these two things were common place on our streets a phone booth and a mailbox.

The next new thing. Before this, you picked up the phone and a real live operator answered: "Number, please."

Retronaut - How to use a dial telephone. Does anyone remember dial phones? They used to have some dial pay phones! These were going out when I was only about seven.

Cap guns; remember the rolls of paper caps you loaded into these things; sometimes we would take them out and strike the black dots to get the percussion sound....

I'm pretty sure you can't buy anything even close to a realistic toy gun anymore. We played Cops and Robbers and Cowboys and Indians in the woods and didn't grow up to be bad people. Love the smell of those spent caps!

"Automatic" iron ~ love that cord

General Electric Dry Iron Remember my Grandma using this exact iron

I don't know what I'm up against...I don't know what it's all about... I 've got so much to think about, hey...

The Partridge Family: I Think I Love You: Was a favorite song of mine, and went to the Seattle Coliseum in the third grade to see David Cassidy in concert. Still have an old photo my mom took. Went with my mom and big sis, our aunt and two cousins.


We loved our Icicles. You had to have LOTS of them hung all over the tree. At least three per branch. No respectable tree was naked of tinsel. And we were so poor that we had to take it OFF of the tree and save it for the next year.

45 rpm Records - I bought several every Saturday when I got my paper route pay!!

I remember these like it was yesterday! We would put the record player on the porch and dance in the driveway



1949 Mercury Pedal Car Hot Rod Stroller Fiberglass Go Kart Body Rat