Retro Outdoor Christmas

Old school outdoor Christmas decorations before there were inflatables or LED lights.
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an old black and white photo of a statue in the middle of a city street
Christmas decoration on Main Street
Memphis 1930s
there are many reindeer statues in the snow by the street and cars parked on the side of the road
Smart Chicks Commune
Main Street Christmas Display - Bel Air Maryland, 1961
four boxes with different colored balls in them on tinsel covered tablecloth, one is open and the other has an unopened out box
Tru-Tone Classicolor Christmas Lights
My glowing recommendations of Tru-Tone lamps carry more weight when I become a paying customer too. @trutonebulbs
there are many red and green cords attached to the wall with some black knobs
a close up of a christmas tree with red, green and blue cords attached to it
there is a red rope on the table next to some scissors and other items in the room
christmas lights adorn the city streets in black and white
Seventeen Old Photos of the Holidays in Downtown Detroit
[Photos via Virtual Motor City] The holiday season has arrived, and the largely vacant storefronts of Merchants Row are festooned with layers and layers of Christmas lights. There was a time,...
an old black and white photo of cars driving down the street
2015 Uploads | Holiday Lights
Downtown Green Bay is aglitter with holiday lights. Nov. 25, 1967.
people walking down the street in front of shops with christmas decorations hanging from wires above them
Christmas in Vegas: 1958 high-resolution photo
Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Christmas in Vegas: 1958 high-resolution photo
black and white photograph of people standing on street corner at night with lights in background
The Gift of Love
"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens." Carl Jung Dear reader, if I have one wish for you this holida...
an old black and white photo of the entrance to a building that is decorated with flowers
Photos: Holiday Celebrations of SoCal's Past
Santa Monica's Third Street has long been a favorite shopping destination among Southern Californians. Before there was a Third Street Promenade there was the Third Street Mall, shown decorated for the holidays in this 1969 photo. Courtesy of the Santa Monica Public Library Image Archives, #B48.
black and white photograph of people crossing the street in front of christmas decorations on buildings
Nashville Then: 1974 Christmas
Heavy traffic fills Church Street as shoppers take
a city street covered in christmas lights at night
Downtown St. Louis Christmas Decorations .jpg
Stix, Baer & Fuller holiday decorations, corner of Washington Avenue and Sixth Street. Circa 1960, Saint Louis