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Favorite Books

Favorite Books

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Pretty insanely awesome deal today y’all. Jesus > Religion is cheaper than bottled water, dollar menu items, and chips and guac at Chipotle (i.e. it's 99 cents lol) today on Kindle. Perfect time to share with friends or family. PS you don't have to have a kindle to get this. I don't have one but use the free kindle app for iPhone and iPad!

  • Jessica Ford
    Jessica Ford

    So exciting!

  • Suli Salazar
    Suli Salazar

    Yes! I just got mine. Definitely heading out to get a physical copy though!

  • Garrett Gray
    Garrett Gray

    I'm soooo sad that I missed this. Please do it again!

  • Alexis Bussey
    Alexis Bussey

    Hi, I read this book after watching all of your videos on YouTube, your thoughts about forgotten topics have really pushed me to thing about the things that God stands for the most. God has used you to change my relationship with God, thank you!

This is cool. If you don't have an audible account, you can get my audiobook for FREEEEE when you sign up for free account.

Jesus > Religion on Audible » Alyssa Joy
  • Shellie Monroe-Lewis
    Shellie Monroe-Lewis

    I finished listening to your book and it was awesome!

  • Shanell E.
    Shanell E.

    That made me think twice.

  • Alyssa Barretto
    Alyssa Barretto

    Jeff you gotta read discipline of grace!!!

  • Alyssa Barretto
    Alyssa Barretto

    Oh wait u already did! Haha thats awesome! Im reading your book after i finish discipline of Grace and Life in the spirit! Too excited!

  • Kinzie McCoy
    Kinzie McCoy

    I just got your book for my birthday, and I've been watching your videos. They are inspiring. Words hold enormous power and your words changed me. Thank you.

Alyssa's book is out!!! Yahoo!!!

  • Cherise

    Congrats to Alyssa!! Can' t wait to read!!!

This book comes out today!! I honestly think it'll be a game changer on sex, marriage, relationships, dating, etc!

Oh ya!!! My wife is a boss!! Her book is on Amazon!!

The new book site is live! Yahoo!

WOW! This book is a MUST READ! There have only been a few books in my life that have moved me as much as this one!

Yes!!! It's here!!! Can download the intro & first chapter of Jesus > Religion!

Jesus > Religion Sneak Peek
  • Jacqueline Campos
    Jacqueline Campos

    I need it in Spanish please

Still surreal. Can't believe this will actually be in people's hands October 7!! Can preorder by clicking on the cover.

  • Bonnie Bowman
    Bonnie Bowman

    So stoked for you!!! Hugs :)

  • Jennifer Drogose
    Jennifer Drogose

    I praise God for your boldness in telling the truth even in opposition. I have been saved for a while, but I found some churches that were leaning to close to works. I was starting to feel scared all the time, and you reminded me that Jesus did all the work, and that I need to rest in the completion he already gave me.

  • Beth Fox
    Beth Fox

    Your book is awesome! We are probably going to use it for our small group study in Jan!


    this book was awesome and so simple to understand.

  • Ruby Sahonta
    Ruby Sahonta

    Jeff, I really enjoyed this book! I was really sad when I'd finished reading it. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.

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So good!!!

Jesus Is: Find a New Way to Be Human
  • Morgan "Dev" Rock
    Morgan "Dev" Rock

    Just bought this book the other day and you are so right its amazing!! Gives me a whole new perspective on the word.

  • Alyssa Amanda Photography
    Alyssa Amanda Photography

    after i seen you post this on fb, i bought it online, the place had it on back order but im so excited, i got an email saying its being shipped today(=

SO excited that this book just came out. A much needed book for the Church today! Justice & Grace aren't enemies but rather teammates.

This has to be one of my favorite titles AND book covers I've seen in awhile. Love the concept!

  • Karianne Henderson
    Karianne Henderson

    I'm reading this now. I highly recommend it to ANYONE. It's pretty amazing.

  • Erin Ritchey
    Erin Ritchey

    The cover is legit! I'm excited to read this someday!

Love this review of this book. What would happen if we were willing to do "anything"?

Anything » Alyssa Joy
  • Mackenzie Higgins
    Mackenzie Higgins

    My cousins sold their house, packed up and is now living in Bulgaria to share the Gospel. I miss them but I definitely enjoy listening to their stories.

  • Rhema Jean
    Rhema Jean

    Just Finished this! loved it!

It's finally out!!!! This book made me cry multiple times. Such a beautiful story of Jesus' power amidst persecution. I read it in 48 hours!

  • ellyn elizabeth fulton
    ellyn elizabeth fulton

    I just finished this book tonight, so incredible and inspiring---definitely brought the tears to my eyes and serious questions to my mind

Alyssa got me this calfskin bible for Christmas. Lifetime warranty!!

This book is a game changer!!!!!!!

  • Kristy Henry
    Kristy Henry

    i actually am teaching this study at Christ's Church to some teens ... if you haven't watched the Multiply Movement Conference...its well worth your time. Its a life changer.

  • Nicole Herda
    Nicole Herda

    Just received this book for Christmas!

When Sinners say "I Do"

  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor Harris

    Alice Newman might be interested in this book. :)

  • Brittany Logan
    Brittany Logan

    One of the best books on marriage I've ever read!

  • Niki Williamson
    Niki Williamson

    We just finished this book! It's a great book on marriage!

Best book EVER on fear of man & peer pressure.

This book literally blew my mind!! He traces philosophy, art, and science from early roman culture to the present and shows how those things operate best when Jesus is king!

The title says it all! Beast book on the different aspects of God's grace!

His books are literally blowing my mind! I can't get enough!

Just got this book. Unbelievable stuff for anyone wanting to see & understand how Jesus owns all domains of life not just the religious ones.

A book on how suffering sets you free. Much needed in today's society.

Trip Lee got a book?! Better believe I'm pre-ordering this one!

The first chapter is worth the book alone! Cheap grace vs. Costly grace. One of those historically famous books because you can't read it and come out the same person.

  • Britney Bubnis
    Britney Bubnis

    I just did a research paper for my English class on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His writing pieces are amazing!