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Cheezy dime-store novels & film noir with a cheap veneer of all things low-rent, rough, downtrodden and tawdry. Top with a dollop of sexploitation, and that's our dish. Come -- let's slum. (book covers, magazines, ads) If you like this or any other board here, please click the 'like' button to the right of the title above. That will help others find it, and keep it going!
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Pulp Fiction: 'Sin On Wheels - As confissões sem censura de um trailer vagabundo " por Loren Beauchamp. / Pulp Fiction: 'Sin On Wheels - The uncensored confessions of a trailer camp tramp' by Loren Beauchamp.

Illustrator: Glen Orbik

Glen Orbik, pulp illustrator of Hard Case Crime. Fifty-to-One Charles Ardai

hipster pulp

Sin Hipster by Don Holliday. "Life was an orgy for these passion bums!" This woman is obviously not a hipster. Where are her nerd glasses?

money coat

Exposing Hot Money Honeys, Best True Fact Detective cover, January 1952 (via Pin Up and Cartoon Girls)

Weird Tales

Margaret Brundage, Weird Tales The Red Knife of Hassan by Seabury Quinn. Contains Rogues in the House, a Conan story by Robert E.

Lawrence Block pulp!

View cover of Nightstand Books - Campus Tramp by Andrew Shaw, cover art by Harold W. McCauley from Greenleaf Classics Books

When She Was Bad.

'When She Was Bad' by William Ard Dell First Edition 1960 Cover art by Robert McGinnis