The Latest Craze - author Jeff Fleischer

"The Latest Craze" is a fun-to-read history of mass hysterias, bubbles, panics, pop-culture trends and fashion fads. This board includes just a small number of…
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Tulipomania Tulip Bulbs, Data Visualization, Wall Street, Vintage Cards, The Netherlands, Stock Market, Craze, Poster Wall, Tulips
Tulipomania Poster Wall Street 2
Spring Heeled Jack Just Bats, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Spring Heels, Victorian London, Penny Dreadful, Cryptozoology, Blue Flames, Ancient Aliens, Old Pictures
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Spring Heeled Jack
Orchidelirium Find Color, Beautiful Color Combinations, Burgundy Wine, Colourist, Color Inspiration, Mother Nature, Moss, Orchids, Bloom
In the Air: Orchidelirium
Roswell UFO crash Garage Art, Garage Decor, Ufo, Site Sign, Drawn Art, Painted Boards, Vintage Metal Signs, Decorative Signs, Home Improvement Projects
Vintage UFO Crash Site Metal Sign 8 x 14 Inches
Roswell UFO crash
War of the Worlds Broadcast, 1938 Orson Welles Radio, Wells, Dramas, World Radio, Black Museum, Radio Drama, Citizen Kane, Radio Play, Talk Radio
War of the Worlds Broadcast, 1938
Shark Attacks Orcas, Shark Facts, Species Of Sharks, Marine Biology, Animal Facts, Great White Shark, Shark Week, Ocean Creatures, Shark Attacks
Shark Week: Shark Attacks [infographic] | Education Insights
Shark Attacks
Mad Gasser of Mattoon Mattoon Illinois, Evil World, Anesthetic, Kearney, Paranormal, Phantom, Newspaper, 1930s
Mad Gasser of Mattoon - Wikipedia
Mad Gasser of Mattoon
Salem Witch Trials Leyte, Portsmouth, Salem Witch Trials Facts, Magick, Witchcraft, Wicca, The Last Witch, Maleficarum, Witch History
Salem Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trials