Jefferson Garcia

Jefferson Garcia

Jefferson Garcia
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Breath of the Wild: Koroks by aquanut

Breath of the Wild: Koroks by aquanut


cepts / concept / art / characters / character / digital / games / game / weapon / weapons / fantasy / sword / yellow and black sword / dwarven / dwemer / dwarf / warrior / two handed / one handed / sci fi / science fiction / mech / me

Grenades Brink-Props-03 by TheCab

Veja os muitos "props" criados para o game Brink

Isaac Hannaford Space Ship Guru

these are fairly similar looking weapons i some regards, but the first 2 look more like assualt rifles while the rest seem to be sniper rifles. there are small differences between each but they all just seem like very clean and plain futuristic weaponry.

GWYDION by peterku on DeviantArt

Time ago I uploaded sword concept Elwyn. Now I add another concept meant to be family with elwyn. Technical principles are same as Elwyn. Used program: max +Vray engine+Photos.

Elwyn-Front by peterku on deviantART

Looks strange for a sword but maybe this is how future swords look. At least until they invent the lightsabers.

Surya by peterku on deviantART via

Surya - concept of short sword. White tigers are very rarely found in the wild. In about 100 yeas only 12 white tigers have been seen in the wild habitats of India. They are almost extinct a.

Achlys - concept of sword by on @deviantART

Another piece to my collection - Sword intended for dark templar. Originally I planned to suit it up into modern style but classic is classic.