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Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life: Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt

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Herbvaceous Lady: The post I didn't want to write.

Felicia Scurlock - Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Action Not Words: The Difference Between Talkers and Doers self-improvement personal-development

By Felicia Scurlock

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New Post: “Take Your Business to the Next Level with Dave Ramsey”

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Clockwise from top left Catherine Hubbard, Ana Marquez-Greene, James Mattioli, Grace McDonnell, Josephine Gay, Madeline Hsu, Chase Kowalski, unknown, Jack Pinto, Noah Pozner, Jessica Rekos, Daniel Barden, Charlotte Bacon, Benjamin Wheeler, Caroline Previdi

Sandy Hook First Grade Class - Remember these beautiful faces always and do what you can to make this world less evil . it is your responsibility.

Tribute to children of sandy hook

The tragedy at Newtown, CT will forever break my heart and remind me how blessed I am to have my children. Pray pray pray for Newtown!



Crafted With Love By Karen: Just Swingin' By To Say Hello!

Today I'm sharing a card that I am sending to Madison from Funky Cards for her I Feel the Love Project. This month she is colle.

Scrappy Moms Stamps

Ink and Paper Creations: Terrific Tuesday Challenge With Scrappy Moms Stamps

All their names

In loving Memory of the Sandy Hook victims.