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Ow, My Ovaries

Ow, My Ovaries

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Rare Italian-born Baby Zonkey is ADORABLE Leave the guns, take the Italian Zonkeys!

Father documents his daughter's special bond with her cat...

No, kitty. That is not how you drink from the faucet. That is how you shampoo your hair with the faucet, and you don't need a shampoo.

Adoptable puppy with canine follicular dysplasia looks like a bunny. (Adopt from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue!)

The royal couple is the only celebrity couple cute enough to rival Cutebama romance.

Amputee duck getting a prosthetic foot? Owwww. So cute. So sadcute!

Shetland Ponies in Cardigans are too damn cute to explain.

Oh, marsupial, how I wish I had a pouch to put YOU in!

Another view of Tiny Elephant Shrew.... the cutest insectivore ever, or does hedgehog still have that on lock?

Is short-eared elephant shrew the most adorable name ever? Yes, yes it is, and it is adorable.

Not only is it a baby tapir, it's a baby tapir saved by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from a zookeeper. OW.

Why is this cute? Well, because the dog ate the pillows... and then had to go to sleep without a pillow :(

Teaching Corgis to roll over should be illegal. It's basically aggravated assault on ovaries.

Newly hatched bog turtle, your scowl both intimidates me and turns my insides to goo. Your tiny shoving arm makes me want to hug you, even though I know you'd just shove more.

Baby gorilla reacts to cold stethoscope. OOH OH OH COLD OH!

Pit Bulls: So gentle they wouldn't hurt a mouse. (Or, in this case, a baby rat.)

This wild fox wants an egg badly enough to take it from a stranger's hand. Even foxes know breakfast is the most important meal!

Hummingbird just hitchin' a ride like WHAT.

Well, they FINALLY made an Apple product I want!

Giraffe, you're not even real. So how come I'm having a very real ovary spasm reading about how you were rescued by the Ritz and treated to a vacation?


Yelp's "down for maintenance" page blames this doggie for chewing the wires....

Amazing! Neapolitan Mastiff adopts an orphaned chimpanzee and raises it with her pups -- real life Romulus/Remus?

Rocking chair with your best friend? Yes, please.