Beautiful set of farm finger puppets with pattern! (This gal does AWESOME work on her blog!)

Old MacDonald puppet tutorial. Adorable hand puppets made from felt. Patterns for all animals shown, plus Old McDonald himself. - would be cool to shrink down and do as finger puppets!


Mother's Day daffodil paper flower craft ~ All of you scout mothers out there - this is a winner.

Snail Paper Craft Activity

Learning Ideas - Grades Snail Paper Craft Activity And books on snails and invertabrites

Farm Collage

The Midwest is famous for its good farmland. This farmland art project would go well in this unit.

Water Bottle Wind Spirals | Play

Water Bottle Wind Spirals

could use different size circles and cut in half to make bodies. full circles for head. Smaller half circles could be used for wings on larger ducks.

Duck craft for kids made out of shapes. Help teach kids their shapes by doing this shape duck craft.