. Best friends.

so fun - this was made using one cardboard box, and then all the shots were combined.

A Field Guide to Scrapbookers (comic) // Left-brainers love to categorize things!


white and blue living room


FANTASTIC photo idea

@Lauren Davison Pedersen

usual photo advice is hold right back with accessories - but i kinda love the idea of a shoot with just *loads* of beads and things like this. way more than what we would normally wear on a real day.

Family pic when you can't all get together for one photo. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!

babywearing_elf_on_the_shelf Laura this is for you!!!


my weirdness

This is freakin' brilliant! After the last friend gets married, everyone puts on their wedding gowns one last time for a photo shoot.

Hang a frame for people to take photos in.


Awesome family picture

Great idea!


haha omg

family fun

group shot


The next time I'm on the beach I will try to recreate this fun photo.

group shots