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Prom Nail Ideas: The Prettiest Manicures For Your Big Night-Pictured "A statement nail is absolutely perfect for prom, especially when paired with a gorgeous classic pink shade."

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This sleek wall mail organizer and key holder looks awesome. And it's so easy to make! Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions on The Home Depot Blog.

Creating a Family Command Center - love this idea ..all those school papers have a home! Viola!

Clever Storage Using Repurposed Items :: a shutter turned into mail sorter

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Well people that know me and seen me know that I'm sweet, kind, caring, too nice which I should stop doing because I'm overly nice to people, I'm cute :/ but I have a hard time believing that part... But I love people and am shy at first but I can be great :)

Aries. i don't even believe in horoscopes but i like this

Attention works both ways for us... Shower us with it, we'll shower it back. Ignore us, and it won't be long before we ignore your existence and move on

Fun facts about your sign here

Aries woman - and Aries men, too, although just a simple thoughtful action goes a hellufa long way, too