teeth whitening

Easy At Home Teeth Whitening for Any Budget

Teeth Whitening-Put a tiny bit of toothpaste into a small cup, mix in one teaspoon baking soda and half a teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Do once a week until the brightness is reached, then once a month

stars in jars

How to: Make Glowing Firefly Jars

Great idea instead of a night light! STARS IN JARS! (Glow paint splattered inside mason jars)So great for a kids room as a night light or even just for a fun spend the night party

Kitchen Conversions Dark Gray, 13 x 19 poster

Kitchen Conversions 13 x 19 Poster A graphic measurement conversion chart, useful for the kitchen. IMAGE SIZE 13 x 19 with a white border.

Homemade Sugar Scrub: Equal parts brown sugar and white sugar (ends up being about cup each for a 6 oz. jar) Fill to the top with olive oil (cover the sugars and then maybe an extra inch) Add about Tbs of vanilla extract. You could also add essential oils

how to propagate rosemary

Rosemary Cuttings --Caroline and I have a dream of a rosemary hedge. It's a long-term dream, because our growing season isn't quiet long enough to make it happen very quickly. So we've taken the long view, and plotted.

Christmas 2016 this will be on the home made gift list! confessions of a Foodie: My ode to 'Under the Tuscan Sun': Handcrafted Limoncello {a DIY Christmas}

orange coconut body scrub

diy: summer scrub - sea salt, raw sugar, coconut oil OR olive oil, drops of sweet orange essential oil or 30 drops of orange juice

kid artwork :: photographed + shrunk

I'm so INSPIRED by this DIY project. Digitize your child's art. Shrink it. Create a collage and create a large poster featuring ALL of their darling projects. Blow it up to a poster size. Frame and voila! IN-LOVE! Great idea By Novogratz!

green smoothie

* bananas * cup frozen peaches * cup frozen mango * a couple handfuls of spinach * water * ice (if desired) Add enough water to blend and enjoy, that& it! Forget the dehydrating morning latte and get the glow with a Green Smoothie instead.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

How to Grow Fiddle Leaf Fig and Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig is well suited for growing indoors because it does not become excessively large and at the same time remain noticeable. Fiddle leaf fig care and