Main Idea & Details

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Finding Main Ideas Strategy Chart - 3rd grade Lucy Calkins Non Fiction Unit

"Finding main ideas strategy chart" Lucy Calkins' non-fiction unit - grade

Practice Non-Fiction Main Idea with TFK, Scholastic News, and other freebie articles!  Cut off the titles and have students re-write the titles using their main idea magic :)

Teaching Non-Fiction Main Idea using Time for Kids, Scholastic News, or other articles.

Main Idea Bags

I put together 6 different bags. Each bag had a 'theme' and it had items inside based on the theme. I had a printable stapled to the front of the bag that had an area for me to write the main idea and 3 details (one for each item).

to teach main idea and details

To teach main idea and detail. "I read the book, A Tree Named Steve. The students had to write the main idea, 2 supporting details, and adjectives to describe Steve. This really helped teach that the details help to support the main idea!

Great lesson for teaching students about main ideas!

An awesome main Idea lesson! Unpack these items, discuss how the items might be connected. Then read text and use this lesson to determine main idea and details.