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For the art room

For the art room

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Great Idea for Self-Portraits. Link with Picasso.

Katie's Blog | My daily art explorations

Acha Alta, Peru where Inca weavers create complex patterns that celebrate the land: lakes of sacred water, a variety of plants and planted areas. Photo by David VanBuskirk. Peruvian weavings are an inspiration for the recently released book "Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories of Inca Life" by Elizabeth VanBuskirk. For more about Inca weaving also see

Pre-Columbian Inca Textile, Peru, circa: 1500. Repinned by Libby VanBuskirk on "Inca Textiles & Pre-Inca Textiles."

Tunic, from Peru, Inca, 1500. Because the Inca empire was centered in the high mountains, relatively few great textiles from the period have survived. This rare and exquisite woven tunic shows many small "symbols" are studied with great interest. Probably they represent the tunics of captured or "controlled" other cultures.

Wari | fragment: tunic | camelid hair + cotton | 19-7/8" x 40-3/4" | Peru | c. 7th-9th century

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Tunic Section

rug #: 2-103 type:   Peruvian Weaving origin: Peru size: 3'10" x 5'2" This geometric rendering of a traditional Inca calendar design is beautifully executed with an amazing choice of mature colors on a white and earthy green ground. This one of a kind work of art is all handmade with natural materials and vegetable dyes, and was purchased directly from the artisan who produced it.


FREEBIE Parent Communication Log

FREEBIE Parent Communication Log

TAB-ChoiceArtEd: View Photo: Collage Set Up

Artist Poster: This is the definition of an artist!


Heiroglyphics for Egyptian unit

Hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone - Ancient Egypt for Kids

Hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone - Ancient Egypt for Kids

Foreground, middleground and background with Cut Paper, Egypt -- grades 3rd/4th

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Kindergarten Egyptian cats

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Kindergarten

Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw King Tut

Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw King Tut

Bead Shapes A. Annular B. Cylindrical Disk C. Ellipsoid D. Cylinder E. Square F. Tabular G. Oblate H. Spherical I. Barrel J. Tube K. Bicone L. Pendant

These are great! Clay sneaker jewelry Kindergarten lesson: a chunck of clay, multiple texture tools, 25 mins of texture making, cut out with round or square biscuit cutter.... make 'em every year.

Use Your Coloured Pencils: jewellry

african masks

Splish Splash Splatter: African Masks

African Masks

Artwork published by Teresa292

Cool African masks

Designing an African Mask

African masks, photoshop & Illustrator

Adire Style Wax Batik

2- 6" x 9" construction paper per child Make a vertical line pattern on one/ A horizontal line pattern on the other. Markers/scissors/glue Brown construction paper Use the book: KENTE COLORS!

1st-2nd grade- african mudcloth. Symbols and symbol handouts, pattern and pattern made of patterns, paint white, then brown, then black. tint and shade.

shine brite zamorano

African Masks

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