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Random advice

Random advice

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Happy Sunday! Health and fitness is not just physical. The mental aspect is just as important. Here is my challenge for YOU! 7 things to give up this week - one for each day. - doubting yourself - negative thinking - fear of failure - criticizing yourself - negative self talk - procrastination - fear of success

Homemade gift bags made from old cereal boxes just cover with fabric or wrapping paper

52 Random Acts of Kindness for 2014 {What act would you add to the list} Let's see if we can list 52 of our on own Pinterest... ready GO! Feel free to leave a link to a post you've written or that inspired your idea.

I hate when I can't think of what to write in a card!

homemade ant killer

Turn old drawers into under bed storage by adding wheels to them.

It's so obvious it hurts. Paper towel holder for garbage bags

To hang from his door... I usually use streamers but thought this might be fun for a change... not to mention the boy is nuts about balloons!

would make a great interview

Cookies stacked in a spaghetti canister... great christmas gift idea

lollipop flower pots -- may be a nice pick me up for someone or a little congratulations gift


Orange You Glad It's Summer - an orange bag with orange soda, cheetos, reeses pieces and other orange items..... Last day of school gift for teachers? Or a fun surprise for kids when the come home from the last day?

Take some time to capture and document your kid's rooms. It's the little things that make the best memories.

Questions to help you write your own personal history. This is so neat. I would love to answer all these questions for my kids to have someday.

Get well soon kit - Great idea.

magazine, beach towel, mini sunscreen, ribbon, treats. Teachers last day of school

Cool to do for our kids. 1st side in kindergarten and 2nd side when they graduate highschool.

Santa explanation for when the time comes... Brilliant explanation :)

cut a noodle and tie a rope through it, around a Rubbermaid bin. Why didn't I see this during the summer?!

  • Nicole Robinson
    Nicole Robinson

    Will this work at the sand bar

Website with all of the Lego directions.

Start your bedtime routine as usual, while one makes bags of popcorn and hot chocolate drinks and place them in the car, dont forget to have Christmas music playing too! When the kids climb into bed, they will find the ticket hidden. The kids are instructed to grab their slippers and head for the car. Upon entrance to The Minivan Express, we hole punch the ticket, and we travel around the city looking at all the beautiful lights. - I love this idea for the night before Christmas Eve

housewarming gift. Perfect!

Home Remedy for sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants.

  • Kim Watts
    Kim Watts

    Also try a shot of whiskey....

Fun Mail for Kids -- send boxes of candy through the mail. If they're under 13 oz. you can slap a stamp on them and put them in the mailbox! How fun would it be to see this in your mailbox?