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Products I Love

Products I Love

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Holiday iPhone Cases. Available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s, Samsung Cases and many more. Perfect Christmas gift idea!

Survival Bracelet (version 2). Features 21 different items to aid in an unexpected adventure, to include: fire steel, tinder, twine, ranger band, whistle, handcuff key, knife, saw, fishing gear, zip ties, water purifier, reflective tape, and about 15 ft of rope all packed into a comfortable bracelet that's on your wrist when you need it. Check out the pic to see it all.

The Adventure Bracelet is a survival toolbox you can wear on your wrist! It comes with at least 16 different components, that can provide you with the tools you need to improvise, adapt, and overcome a life-threatening situation. Special attention has been made to make particular components of the Adventure immediately available for those unexpected worst case scenarios. Many of the parts of this wearable survival kit had to be custom created to meet the quality we required. Price: $77.00

Adventure Paracord Survival Bracelet, Wazoo Survival Gear LLC

TULIP by InStyler #1 on my Christmas wish list!!!! I hope Santa brings it to me because I've been a very good girl! ;)

Premium hard protective case with long-lasting printing. Protects the back and sides of your cell phone without making it bulky. Easy to snap onto the back of your iPhone. With openings for all ports and controls. Made of plastic or rubber **************************************************...

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house. Mind blown!

Speaker Plug Will Blast Music Wherever It's Plugged In

This makes so much sense. Carry one in your Gear Pouch on the road for hotel visits when there are never enough outlets. Tech & Gadgets

Social Media Frontiers

Genius! Cable organizers! #product_design

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Dust pan with teeth to clean the brush - brilliant!

White Broom Groomer Set | zulily

Kitchen Gadgets, ....WANT THAT!!!

all you need to do is sweep the crumbs in the general direction of the Eye Vac and it will suck them all up! You don’t even need to bend down! YES PLEASE!!!!!! Dream machine!!

50 Genius Storage Ideas ~ Turn a bakeware rack sideways and use it to store pans and baking dishes!

metal pan organizer $8.97 Lowe's...I need this.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier genius

I'm kinda digging this thing! Crock-Pot® Hook Up™ Connectable Entertaining System Set #crockpotbrand #crockpot #gameday

All edges brownie baking pan. This is amazing... but I'll bet it's a 'bitch' to clean!

My nightstand wants these! Only $2.50 for a pack of 6! Stocking stuffer anyone?!

Allan Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds Kukral For your inner McGuyver: TITANIUM ESCAPE RING - this one contains a saw and handcuff shim pick combination tool which is completely hidden from view when worn. Located on a finger, its always in the exact area needed to quickly access and deploy, even when handcuffed. The shim can be used to open single-locked handcuffs, while the saw can cut zip-ties, disposable handcuffs, duct tape, rope, and other non-metallic materials.

keychain charger. Could be perfect for music festivals, long hikes, or camping.

Hello Kitty phone covers

How neat are these?!?! After you burn the candle for so long it reveals a ring valuing either 10, 100, 1000 or 5000 dollars. Candles only cost $24.95 and come in TONNNS of scents.

For when you go to the lake/beach/anywhere! PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed...great from birth to age 6. Keeps bugs out, blocks the wind and protects from UVA rays.

This is so cool! These canisters measure the exact amount of flour, sugar, etc. by the turn of the lever. The amount you need falls into the tray below!

Water Bottle Ice Tray Now there’s an easier way to fit ice into your water bottle. Innovative ice trays create long, stick-shaped ice cubes that slide right inside bottled beverages! Sold on Fresh Finds. Finally