I made you a sweater out of your sweater.

Actually a dog sweater, but I think this lamb is adorable! (via Why I Love Knitting / lamb in a sweater!

alpaca obsession.

If I ever snap and just go absolutely bonkers one day, I want it to manifest in owning an alpaca farm.


Cute and curious, Alpaca. I'm wondering if this is the Ringling retirement ranch for their Circus Elephants(note background). It has to be this country. The Elephants are Asian, and Alpacas(Llamas) are South American.

grazing llamas

Oh, how I love me some llamas!


They are the most adorable, downright sarcastic looking animals ever. Alpacas and llamas are so my animal spirit! And yes, I've answered the "what animal would you be" question with "llama"in job interviews!


I love llamas! < THESE ARE FUCKING ALPACAS NOT LLAMAS << they're right. llamas are tall, don't have fluffy necks, and are considerably more agressive, while alpacas tend to be more passive and don't spit.


Funny pictures about Different types of llamas. Oh, and cool pics about Different types of llamas. Also, Different types of llamas photos.

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