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The ultimate highlight & contour cheat sheet! (Hollygolightlyxox)

Nylon by MAC; The best brow bone highlighter.

MAC-Nylon is the best browbone highlighter. I highlight brow bones and inner corners of eyes every time. put on makeup even if going really light and not doing eyeshadow or anything. It's a totally effortless way to open up your eyes.


How to contour & highlight perfectly-- Contact me today to help choose the products that best suit you for highlighting and contouring.

(Brows - Before & After) MAC's fluidline brow gelcreme in 'Deep Dark Brunette' with the #263 Angle Brush.

(Brows before and after) MAC’s fluidline brow gelcreme in ‘deep dark brunette’ with the angle brush. (Brows before and after) MAC’s fluidline brow gelcreme in ‘deep dark brunette’ with the…

Contouring & Highlight Tutorial - Anna Things and Thoughts

Intrigued by the contour and highlight makeup buzz? Check out this great resource. How to Contour and Highlight via once wed

My Hair Was Taking Forever To Grow Out- Then I Used This All Natural Solution!

Losing your hair? Discover the natural secret to preventing further hair loss and re-growing lost hair with The Regrow Hair Protocol.

No way! How To Get Soft Feet

Dry Cracked Feet, and How to Fix Them

How To Get Soft Feet. I changed the amounts to allow for more water. I also used a pumice stone to scrub the dead skin. Removes the dead skin. Feet feel incredible after.

Contour and highlight

Makeup Tutorials & Makeup Tips : Contouring Tutorial: How To Make Face Look Slimmer. Best tips on how to achieve perfect looking foundation. Makeup Tricks and Beauty Ideas.


When you hear “Contour-Highlight”, whose face comes in your mind?for me, it’s Kim Kardashian. And let me show you why. Without contouring, the face looks after…