Yeah, pretty much.

And of course the brilliant quotes, hilarious character interaction, and ability to make you laugh till you pee and cry till you can't breathe.and the pineapple!


Chess lesson…

Laugh of the day! Funny flashback of Shawn playing chess (TV show Psych) :)

oh Shawn...

Let's go to Lassie's apartment for peanut butter!

Can't stop laughing! I'm pretty sure Sean could talk himself out of any situation he talked himself into lolololol -ahem. Its spelled Shaun.

I love you Shawn Spencer ;)

psych:) i love this but all i could think of while watching this episode was "he is fred on scooby doo!" haha:)<~~~ well yeah because he's a cutie face man


One of my favorite Psych moments of all time!


Seriously the best episode of psych. I was watching it and was laughing so hard I was crying my mom asked me what was so funny and I showed her. She's been hooked ever since.


I'd rather shower with a of my favorite psych lines

Oh, Shawn...

No, that was the toaster alarm I invented in the third grade that woke you up by smacking you in the face with a waffle.

Jules, Shawn, Lassie, and Gus

I found that remark a bit uncalled for, because it's a stereotype and not ALL 8 year old girls wanted a pony. I sure as hell didn't. <--judgments like this I blame on a literary college education.<<< It's a joke people, chill.