Batons. I took baton lessons

It was pretty cool to own an actual weighted baton. I took baton lessons with the Twirling Jewel, in Blue Island, Il. I still have my baton down in my basement and can still twirl it too, but a lil' weiry on the tosses.

vintage childcraft books-I was obsessed with these when i was a kid

vintage childcraft books-research before the internet! :) We had these along with our World Book encyclopedias on a bookcase! We did too - wonder if my parents still have them?

McDonalds Happy Meal Toys from the 80's-Muppet Babies

McDonald's happy meal toys - Muppet Babies - 1980s

McDonald's happy meal toys - Muppet Babies - These were awesome. Happy Meals toys are crummy these days.

Land Before Time Pizza Hut toys

Pizza Hut Land Before Time puppets. I felt like everybody had these but me. I didn't really want to see the movie, I just wanted the puppets.

Fisher Price Cassette Player - had it!

This was my all-time favorite childhood toy - Fisher Price tape player/recorder

Fisher Price Food. We totally had these too!

I had that same exact egg and bacon set. I loved fisher-price play food. I wish they still made play food like that now. Now its just cheap stuff

picnic table Had this

Little tikes dollhouse doll picnic table seat furniture

I had a suitcase just like this and I used it every weekend to go to my grandparents' house.

"Vintage Over the River Suitcase" via ModCloth {so cute!} grandt massouras remember when we would pack our suitcases & runaway to the park?

fisher price airlines

fisher price airlines - the door would never stay closed ;