Jennifer Rutherford

Jennifer Rutherford

Jennifer Rutherford
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Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese | cooking ala mel

Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese: use whole wheat or brown rice pasta & probably cook longer than min. (I cook my whole wheat pasta longer than the directions on the package say.), use FF cheese (or RF and count), use plain FF Greek yogurt

I don't know which I would rather believe, that you never did care or that you eventually stopped.

Are ya'll trying to play with my emotions it's really working :( Ya gonna be surprise wen I turn 18 in I don't ever talk to ya

Learned that recently... don't have time to waste on someone who doesn't care to... Life is too short and definitely beautiful to lose time.. :)

Be with someone that requires you to grow. Makes you forget your problems. Holds your hand. Likes to kiss. Appreciates Art and adores you. (I thought that what I was getting when I got married.