How many of these did you own?!?

80 Totally Awesome Things From The '80s

I wouldn't wear Jelly Shoes today, but I used to have a pair in EVERY color! I wore them all the time; they were my favorite shoe.

Remember when Mc Donalds looked like this?

Old school McDonalds burger stools!

Garbage pail kids!!

80 Totally Awesome Things From The '80s

We loved garbage pail kids they were so shocking & gross, yet children. also, a lot of creativity went into each charachter. oh and they had gum inside! Things were so much simpler in the - I wonder why?

 I loved this!

little professor game I swear I had this, too. Wasn't a calculator - it was a digital set of math flash cards. I *still* cannot math to this day.

I miss these!

Original New York Seltzer. early Line of non-caffeinated soda marketed as all natural. I bet you think it was started in New York? Try Walnut, CA. loved the cream soda one from her a deli!

Charm bracelets!!  I had so many charms!

80 Totally Awesome Things From The '80s

Plastic Charm Necklace, I was obsessed with mine. I had the best charms of anyone at school.

So kids now have iphones and ipads and pocket video games...this is what i had for long car rides...a water ring wonder i got car sick so often.

water ring toss was just one of these water games, I had a couple, they were pretty fun.before video games of course. oh, the things that entertained us


Funny My Childhood As a Kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice

I miss those gelatinous floating orbitz!

I was JUST talking about Orbitz Soda. GREAT list of childhood memories, I laughed out loud a lot!

Banana vs. Banana Split

"Bananna Chainsaw Massacre" By:Terry Border

Miss these...I loved the bottles!

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.