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Want to Stand Out at a Craft Show? Try these Display Tricks - MadeUrban.com


Brand New! Rotating Black and Pink Spinning Jewelry Display Stand Organizer

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I want to get away from using tables in my display. Tables are very limited in their display potential. You can add shelves to them, but you are still losing the bottom three feet or so of vertical...

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Mama Made Them

Make Your Own Ladder Shelf for your Craft Show Display


Bag displays

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Don't use normal height table in your booth...they're way too low. Raise the height by putting the folding legs into measured length of pvc pipe. You'll have to adjust the length of your table covering but it's all worth it because your product will be easier viewed by the buyer. Beside which it's the start of making your display more professional...not just another table and cloth presentation.

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Permutations in Fiber: Flour Paste Resist Tutorial


Notice how *nothing* is just sitting on the table. Everything is in some sort of box, plate or display item. Also pictures to show it in action.. lots of levels here. Looks organized.

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Mill Girl: Paying for Handmade: A Gentle Rant


Create a sturdy, functional jewelry tree by upcycling an antique industrial textile spool! Mod podge some vintage fabric on the center, drill in some cup hooks, and hang your clasp bracelets and chains to it for display and storage! #SadieSeasongoods

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Antique Textile Spool Jewelry Tree


Craft show booth display ideas for bags, jewelry and paper products. #handmade #jewelry #display #booth #craftshow www.sierranicoledesigns.com

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This is my new jewelry spinner made by me! I used a lazy Susan base($10), a wood circle($10), and eight wire grids($1.34 ea from Staples). I also got the small pendant displays (the backs fit perfectly in the grids) from Nile Corp for $1.21 each. I love it and it works well. I can dismantle and fold it flat in about 10 seconds.

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Craft show ideas

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I would like to have these in my craft fair booth! Clothing rack

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PALLETS: Pallets for Profit


Craft Fair Booth Display Ideas | craft show and booth display ideas / necklace display

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Jennet Allison

Jewelry Display

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The Shabby Creek Cottage

Blackberry House of Murfreesboro - The Shabby Creek Cottage


I have GOT to try this wooden display rack! (c) madebyhank

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Fabric pouring out of wine bottles - great for an art & wine fair!

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Pallets and puppies, San Diego store displays


Screen backdrop tutorial for craft displays

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Mini-Tute for Craft Show Display Frame - CRAFTY BUSINESS ADVICE


Make Your Own Raj Tent!!!!

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Grosgrain: Make Your Own Raj Tent!!!!


Handmade by Hilani: {Craft Show} - Selling your products

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Handmade by Hilani: {Craft Show} - Selling your products


Funky Vintage Lovely Blog: Funky Vintage Lovely Napa Home & Garden Show 2011

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Craft+Booth+Display+Ideas | Gorgeous show display | great craft booth ideas

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Pipes makes a fitting display for necklaces made of hardware items. {craft booth setup}

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interesting display

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Craft Show Booth Space Floor Planner

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Joyfully Yours, Susannah: Craft Show Booth Space Floor Planner


Great alternative to just handing a customer your smartphone. Simple and inexpensive solution!

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Craft fair booth blog

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Etsy HC Street Team: July 2010