Want to make your own cleaning products out of stuff you already have at home?

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Sewing Project

Adorable and easy to make zippered bow bag. This would make a cute pencil case of clutch purse

diy monster pet rocks

craft idea for kids- monster pet rocks. Pre-paint rocks and they can draw faces. I have a lot of googly eyes I can bring in. This can be a cheap project. Maybe high school kids can paint the rocks. Maybe use half Easter eggs if short on rocks?

DIY for your room

Silver, white, and grey: DIY Chevron Wall art. So cute! Just use color schemes from your bedroom for the chevron stripes.

DIY: 20 Accessories With Old Buttons

DIY: Accessories With Old Buttons

DIY: 20 Accessories With Old Buttons.this is a kinda cute idea with using buttons

I really want to do this

11 Ways To Use Pallets in your Home Decor

11 Ideas for Using Pallets in Home Decor - that flag on chevron is amazing! Would be cute with the state of ok

pH balanced all natural shampoo: Better for your scalp and only two ingredients!

pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe for a Healthy Scalp

pH balanced all natural shampoo: Better for your scalp and only two ingredients! 1 can of Coconut Milk (or about 1 cups if you like to make it yourself.) (where to find coconut products) 1 cups pure aloe vera gel (like this)

DIY SEAT CLEANER: 1 C Distilled Vinegar, 1 C Club Soda, 1/2 C Blue Dawn Dish Soap, Spray Bottle, & Scrub Brush; DIRECTIONS: Mix altogether in bottle, shake, & spray on fabric. Let it set 5-10 min then scrub in circular motion. Wet washcloth & wipe to remove soap.

1 cup of Distilled Vinegar 1 cup of Club Soda cup of Blue Dawn Dish Washing Liquid. (Use more or less to your liking) Spray Bottle Scrub Brush

DIY wooden couch sleeve. Brilliant

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

DIY Home Decor: Wooden Couch Sleeve. Great for small living room with no room for end tables. [SO making these when we get our new couch!

52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home Good to use to optimize small space...Totally Genius Ideas!!!

52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

So Smart = Crown Molding Shoe Shelves - perfect space saver storage. base pine base molding and crown molding + white spray paint. Wood glue crown on to base molding, nail to hold in place while drying, spray paint, install w/ 2 screws onto wall studs.

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