When I saw this I was like: This is gonna be so sad! Bun when the Shadow Bonnie came, I was like: WHAT IS THAT!

Nailed that one, Vincent.... XD xx

Me: ( claps) man Vincent you are definitely a smooth criminal. Vincent/ purple guy: I swear I will kill you in your sleep, Mike. Vincent and Mike glare at each other.

Fnaf - Good ending (Game over) by LadyFiszi

Five nights at Freddy's fanart, inspired by DA-Games's FNAF song called 'Game over'. I should go back to thinner pencil settings, I think that's what makes this image a bit. dull for me :/ Anatom.

This is seriously the best five nights at freddy's fan art I've ever seen

(Fnaf RP I'm ballon Boy!)*laughs*Hahahah*some blood land son me and I lick it off*Hmm tasty night guard Foxy!

wait a minet.......-getting stuffed in suite- NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i need to make this a valentine xD)

wait a minuet.-getting stuffed in suite- NO NO NO!(i need to make this a valentine xD)

Fnaf - Wtf why do I find rebornica's style of the purple guy...

Why sleep when you can meme?

Not just a game by N-SteiSha25 on DeviantArt. HOLY SHIT!!!!! IT'S OUT!! *Flips desk* This is my new desktop background... I'm too fu**ing happy!

In reason of exams I draw not often like I usually do So many ideyas, unfinished arts and absolutely no time I thought about comic, buuuut I just .

Purple guy 1/4

This is why Richard shouldn’t be allowed to cross over in other AU’s. Here Richard wanted to fix what Vincent had done and free the children’s spirits, but the only way to do that is to completely destroy the bodies they’re trapped in.