I adore Simon Pegg!!!

Star Trek Into Darkness. i called him perfect hair

Simon Pegg, trolling the Star Trek cast. Love it!

Simon Pegg, trolling the Star Trek cast.oh simon pegg.you awesome man you

I pinned this because... Star Trek

No one appreciates the solemnity of official Starfleet events like Scotty & Keenser.<= That is what that thing's name is!

I don't suppose it's nearly as funny, really, as it seemed by the way I kept giggling....

The starprise Entership *kazoo chorus*

Always repin Simon Pegg

Funny pictures about Simon Pegg on the definition of geek. Oh, and cool pics about Simon Pegg on the definition of geek. Also, Simon Pegg on the definition of geek.

I don't think anyone is ever going to get over Uhura's necklace.

<<<<< to be fair he has spent most of his life on a planet that honestly it would be indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain. It is fairly likely that he forgot

Oh Anton, taken too early, rest peacefully gorgeous - Perfection. Chekov didn't need to claim the Enterprise for Russia. All starships are Russian in the end.

My jam :)))《 I'm down for any post that has Kelley and Urban in t together

A+ storytelling, Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek Into Darkness

The Star Trek cast does the Live Long and Prosper!

Star Trek Into Darkness great movie! I have to see it again and maybe a third…

Star Trek Into Darkness: Jim & Scotty

Captain James Tiberius Kirk ain't here for any of your anthropocentric bullshit *snaps fingers*

A Scream Heard Throughout The Galaxy by Hyannah

A Scream Heard Throughout The Galaxy by Hyannah<---"Jim, yes" Bones will kill you dammit

ST - REAL MAN by simengt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I'm pretty sure they're in that shuttle. lol and actually, tomorrow is Korean Thanksgiving day(Chu Sok)! It's little a soon, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Bones and Kirk in http://moosoppart.tumblr.com/

Star trek into darkness

Scotty & Uhura

I ship Scotty/Uhura I frankly hate the new guy for pairing her with Spock.

Star Trek

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