Caroline October 2012

This was my "DREAM" Engagement/Wedding ring. I have been married 18 years and this is the time I have actually seen the ring that was "in my head" actually created. I do have to say my husband did an AMAZING job with my ring!

Necklace lengths. Good to know if ordering jewelry and cant picture the length.

A good go-to guide for necklace lengths when ordering online, etc. (unless you've got big boobs like me, in which case subtract of length, HA)

stacking cladaugh @Emily Morse

Claddagh Stacking ring is beautiful. This stackable claddagh ring is great. Shop exclusive designer Stackable Claddagh Ring, Celtic Stacking Rings in sterling silver diamond. Claddagh Stacking Rings for Women & Claddagh Silver Stacking Rings

Handwriting/Signature Bracelet Sterling Silver by bigEjewelry, $39.00

Handwriting/Signature Bracelet - Sterling Silver - Any Language, Any Character is Possible. A person's signature as well as their own hand writing is unique! It's a great memorial gift for someone you care about.

Custom Handwriting or Signature Necklace Love this! Such a sweet reminder of a loved one!

Custom Handwriting or Artwork Necklace from by TagYoureItJewelry -- I want this with my mom's handwriting<<<<it'd be so cool to have my mom on one side and then my dad on the other

Tiffany & Co. | Item | Return to Tiffany? mini double heart tag pendant in silver with enamel finish. #jewellery Tiffany #Tiffany

unique Tiffany's round shaped wedding engagement ring with a shared-setting diamond band

Fossil Stella Multifunction Pink Dial Watch $55.95

Fossil Stella Multifunction Pink Dial Watch - I need this watch! I love Fossil watches.

PREORDER SPECIAL- Tale as Old as Time Necklace - Beauty and the Beast - Magical Rose and Mirror - Hand Painted

LIMITED- Tale as Old as Time Necklace - Beauty and the Beast - Magical Rose and Mirror - Hand Painted

I adore beauty and the beast. Wish i coukd show my husband thus! Beauty and the Beast, rose mirror necklace