Sullen gargoyle

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The Institute is guarded by stone gargoyles who come to life when the institute is attacked. (I think they'll each have diff personalities like the gargoyles in that cartoon the hunchback, but maybe scarier)

Bat gargoyle

Bronze statuette, by Lawrence Tenney Stevens A bat is represented in an attitude of defiance Photo by

climbing gargoyle

Garden Ornaments - Gargoyle Ornaments Great value Gargoyle Wall Ornament Horntail We have a great range of wall hanging Gargoyles.

Green Toads Gargoyle

Grotesques and gargoyles for inside and out Green Toads Gargoyle - cute You know this one is up to something in the garden…maybe snapping back at the snapdragons?

Gargola III, Vitoria, Spain

Gargola III, Vitoria, Spain: I can see how this one would of scared people in the medieval ages. I thing this gargoyle is meant to symbolise death or dieing

Pegapuss winged cat gargoyle statues.

Pegapuss Winged Cat Gargoyles Statue

Sitting gargoyle.

Sitting gargoyle.


25 Epic Gargoyles From Around The World

Creatures Of Night Gargoyles as what we saw on television and on the news are carved in the walls of the church or anything like tall buildings in Europe. These creatures as what they said that will guard where it has been put from evil spirits.