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SF Bay Area  ·  Cookbook author + consultant, writer/editor, grant writer; author of i scream SANDWICH! and lots of other books.

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King Solomon's Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World is the prolific author's most beautiful title to date.

A Effective Turmeric Sauce that Staves Off Bland Food stuff and Blank Slates

Tap a Watermelon Keg For Summer Cocktail Excitement -

Have you ever added vodka to a watermelon? This recipe takes it one step further. Hollow out a watermelon, then add a spigot. Fill the melon husk with punch and serve. I love this idea for a of July party. Minus the vodka so the kids can enjoy.

Great idea!

RSVP Silicone Slip-On Pour Spout attach our slip-on pour spout onto any thin-lipped mixing bowl, pot, pan or jar.

Black Ceramics by Nelson Sepulveda - Kitchen - Home Decoration

Black Ceramics by Nelson Sepulveda - Kitchen - Home Decoration, black serving set, ceramic serving set

Simply Ancient Grains: Fresh and Flavorful Whole Grain Recipes for Living Well

Baking with Less Sugar: Recipes for Desserts Using Natural Sweeteners and Little-to-No White Sugar by Joanne Chang (Baking Cookies And Shit)

Oatmeal and Brown Butter Pancakes

Oatmeal and Brown Butter Pancakes Toasted oats, browned butter, tangy buttermilk, and a texture so light and fluffy it makes butts nervous about keeping their jobs.

weeknight vegetarian

Weeknight Vegetarian by Ivy Manning - I have Ivy's Crackers book and highly recommend either!

The Marimekko Notebooks

Enter for a chance to win this Marimekko Notebook Collection, part of our Marimekko Pin-to-Win Giveaway.