mommy mittens! OH MY GOSH THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

As soon as I have a baby Mommy mittens! Winter handholding can be difficult; two sets of bulky gloves can mean that little hands slip out of reach. With this clever design, an adult and child can hold hands in comfort in one warm glove.

pretty sure this is the cutest kitten I've ever seen... lol.

Cat nap - too cute, i don't know if I could let him sleep.

Baby llama!

baby llama llama llama - or alpaca :)


I thought this is appropriate for shoes. Dogs do love shoes. So cute and innocent.



I love you buddy! I love you too Levi!

teeny tiny donkey baby

Some day I will own a farm with miniature animals. Horses, pigs, cows & now a donkey! Yes I will!

Goberian Husky- Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky

Golden/Husky Mix, I dare you to show me a cuter puppy. [this definitely isn't a golden/husky mix. or at least, not only golden & husky, but adorable nonetheless!


Australian Labradoodles: so cute, looks like a big teddy bear!


This puppy is so cute! It looks fake but it is just adorable. I want one! Imagine this puppy even fluffier. I wonder what breed it is. It could possibly be a mix. I want to say it& a baby pomeranian but I don& know.

hedgehog bath time! #cute

Hedgehog in bubbles! omg i want a pet hedgehog!

Floofy chair. Yes, please. Probably easy to DIY with faux sheepskins from Ikea.

office, embossed wallcovering, or chalkboard wall, fur chair cover, shelf on file cabinets for desk

tea cup maltese

What kind of doggie is this? so cute. What kind of doggie is this? so cute. What kind of doggie is this? so cute.


Baby cat / kitten so cute cat! I have no idea what a nom( sounds like food or something) is but this kitty is so cute :-) Folk Art Cat .


Upcycled: Cowl Scarf from Old Sweater (come on, ilene!


Even kittens love the smell of flowers and the fresh air of spring


Nap time.

So cute, kitten hugging stuffed animal!