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When God Says No

It was early in our adoption process, about nine months down the road. We had decided early on to let our agency match us with a child instead of us pursuing a particular child from the waiting lis…

10 Things Adoptive Parents Should Do While They Wait

by Jennifer Phillips, author of 30 Days of Hope of Adoptive Parents If there’s one thing.

Hey Moms? Don't Lose You

A few days ago I was going through some files, and I came across a folder that held precious documents from a season of a certain person’s life. There were encouraging cards and thank you not…

The Curse of Birthday Special

I am skilled in witty replies. I can calm down a tantruming chil…

The Curse of Birthday Special

I am skilled in witty replies. I can calm down a tantruming chil…

The Adoption Waltz: Safety, Trust, Rest. Repeat.

Why losing my daughter means I don't support Zoe's law 18 Nov 2013 Hannah Robery - AU

Why You Should Never, Ever Buy Your Kid a Fish. Ever.

Why do I hear Cher’s voice in my head? “If I could turn back ti-ime…” In all fairness, I c…

In Defense of the "Difficult Kid"

He is strategic. Kind of like how Brian had to strategize in order to convince me to move to Australia: Brian: “I think we should move to India.

How To Change Your Home? One Word: Grace.

It’s been a couple of months now since my grandmother went Home. I miss seeing her smiling face when we Face Time with my parents. I miss hearing her voice on the phone saying, …

Why I Write—and Why I Don't Want to Write

Do you ever ask yourself, "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?" Read CEO of Global Institute For Travel Entrepreneurs, Meredith Hill's, latest article to find out why she believes it's not our job to ask why!

Why Moms Would Make the Very Best Spies

When I was a little girl, I was convinced I might possibly have what it takes to make it to the Olympic Games. I was also convinced that Larnelle Harris would pick me to sing “I’ve Just…