Learn how to make five easy smoothie recipes, one for each day of the week! Video and written instructions here: http://gwyl.io/five-easy-mouthwatering-smoothie-recipes/

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Get in your daily water quota with this Fruit-Infused Water - 6 ways! From berries, to citrus, to cucumber and herbs, we've got you covered for refreshing drink recipes all summer long!

Fruit-Infused Water - 6 Ways • She Uncovered


Delicious Healthy Fruit Shakes...

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A refreshing blend of natural fat burners that cools you off and gets you swimsuit ready for best results, drink before and after meals

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Mix Barefoot White Zinfandel, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and peach schnapps together and chill overnight., Serve over ice. Garnish each serving with a splash of lemon-lime soda and orange.

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How To Make Sex Coffee (To Boost Your Libido) | YourTango

How To Make Sex Coffee (Yes, It's A Real Thing)


8 Staple Smoothies That You Should Know How to Make

8 Staple Smoothies You Should Know How to Make - Back to Her Roots


21 Healthy and Nutritious Smoothie for breakfast, snacks or an after meal treat. | ambitiouskitchen.com #healthy #smoothie

21 Healthy Smoothie Recipes (for breakfast, energy and more!)


Brazilian Lemonade - this is one of the best drinks you will ever try in your entire life. Hands down.

Brazilian Lemonade


Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie - Just 3 ingredients and no added sugar in this sweet and creamy smoothie! Love it when healthy tastes so good!!

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie - Averie Cooks


Rejuvenate your lungs with this lung rejuvenator juice! If you suffer from a stuffy nose, phlegm (mucus), persistent cough, sleep apnea, asthma, shortness of breath, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, bronchitis or emphysema, your lungs could definitely use the wonderful benefits of this juice!

Lung Rejuvenator Juice | Raw Edibles


3 Clean Eating Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner | Lovelyish

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Do you suffer from chronic inflammation? This recipe is excellent for fighting inflammation as well as increasing your energy levels. It is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients which reduce pain and swelling, and nourish your cells with body-loving antioxidants. Inflammation occurs when our body's experience an injury, infection, irritants, stress or foreign objects entering our system, and our immune response and protective reactions to these factors.

Super Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reduction Smoothie | Raw Edibles


5 Vitamin-Packed Veggie Smoothie Recipes | http://hellonatural.co/drink-veggies-5-vitamin-packed-veggie-smoothie-recipes/

5 Vitamin-Packed Veggie Smoothie Recipes | HelloNatural.co


I use to use a lot of creamer, but have you read the side of your flavored creamer lately? This homemade coffee creamer recipe uses a base with only 3 ingredients that is super easy to customize with your favorite flavors.

Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipe - Savvy Shopper Central


Strawberry Iced Tea Recipe - 13 Homemade Flavored Tea Recipes

13 Homemade Flavored Tea Recipes - Cool Refreshing Iced Tea!


Does Drinking Lemon Juice Help You Lose Weight

Does Drinking Lemon Juice Help You Lose Weight - My Blog


40 Ways To Make Fruit Smoothies - Homemade Fruit Smoothies Recipes And Ideas

Homemade Fruit Smoothies Recipe And Extras


Disneyland's "World's Best Hot Chocolate Recipe" ~ now you can enjoy it in your very own home by following this easy recipe.

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Breakfast Energy Smoothie- start your day off with the delicious smoothie that will give you a burst of energy!

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BEST Infused Water Recipes EVER!! Stress Reliever, Belly Fat Flusher, and MORE! 10 Delicious Water Infused Recipes

10 Delicious Water Infused Recipes


How To Brew Your Own Kombucha (& Why You Should!)... http://www.herbsandoilsworld.com/how-to-brew-your-own-kombucha/ Kombucha is a delightful fermented beverage that is rich in probiotics and contains a huge number of health benefits. It has a unique flavor and is fizzy and tingly like no other beverage. Find out how to make your own and why you should at the link above.

How To Brew Your Own Kombucha


A miracle drink that helps you get rid of extra pounds while detoxifying your body

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Drink this Daily for Alkaline Balance, Inflammation & Clear Skin

Drink this Daily for Alkaline Balance, Inflammation & Clear Skin


The secret to getting the perfect soda shop tasting cherry coke at home - Rae Gun Ramblings

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