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Lisa Dejong

Archers Voice

some books stay in our hearts forever ❤️ Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James. Love, in English by Karina Halle, Archers Voice by Mia Sheridan. hopeless by Colleen Hoover. Gemini by Penelope Ward. When it Rains by Lisa DeJong

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Literary quote print "I am simply a book drunkard" by JenniferDareDesigns

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30 Books to Read Before 30 - This is the best book list I have read so far.

Tickle My Fancy: 30 Books to Read Before 30


Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God

Feinberg 9781617950889

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9781617950889 Amazon

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Wonder Struck

Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God book Wonderstruck invites you to toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life. Come learn how to recognize the presence of God in the midst of your routine, unearth extraordinary moments on ordinary days, identify what’s holding you back in prayer, and discover peace in knowing you’re wildly loved.

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Andrew Parrish

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THE EDGE OF NEVER by J.A. Redmerski (official cover)

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Harry Potter fans will love these 10 must-read books

We Think We Found The Next Harry Potter Franchise...

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Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon (Has the new book included in the list!) My favorite books of all time!!!! Can't wait till March 2014 when the new one comes out.

Ridgely's Radar: August 2013

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"THE CERTAINTY of VIOLET & LUKE" by Jessica Sorensen

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The Noticer Returns

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Quotable - Rich Willowby - Writers Write Creative Blog

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For boy mamas!

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March 12, 2013. The Good House by Ann Leary.

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good read.

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9780062511218 Amazon

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Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

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Quick read. Worth the time.

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‘The Shack’ answers hard question

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The Shack

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cover art revealed...

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The Four Agreements

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The four Agreement Don Miguel Ruiz

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The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery, by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz. Some great analogies, and even easier to grasp than the original book, The Four Agreements, this book has the first four explained more clearly, with a fifth agreement at the end.

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