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Easy long-term food storage for a variety of staples: rice, beans, grains. Buy in bulk, store in clean empty bottles and use what you need as you need it! They are water and air tight and keep bugs out! 1 and 2 liter sizes are great for trading too!

Pallet Fruit and Vegetable Organizer - 150+ Wonderful Pallet Furniture Ideas | 101 Pallet Ideas - Part 3

pallet fruit or vegetable organizer

Food storage ideas when short on cash @Remodelaholic

Food storage ideas when short on cash remodelaholic. Love the idea of a preparedness binder -- digital files would be useless without power!

These meals in jars have shelf lives of 5 to 7 years. This blog has instructions on how to make a large variety of meals that can be prepared with minimal effort and resources.

Dry Pack Canning: Chef Tess Bakeresse: Yankee Pot Roast Gravy and Butter-Garlic Mashed Potatoes Method Continues)

How To Build Your One Year Supply Of Food You will not regret spending a few minutes reading this! This is important.

How To Build Your One Year Supply Of Food

totally basic, but all you need for a 1 year supply for 1 person. sustainable living totally basic, but all you need for a 1 year supply for 1 person.

Pallet Vegetable Storage Rack | Pallet Furniture DIY

And for this purpose you can build this diy pallet vegetable storage rack that would cost you none as it has been reclaimed from the wonder wood pallet.

9 Survival Foods That Last Forever | Knock these items off your survival food worries list. We compiled a list of 9 survival foods that will keep forever, so start stocking up! #survivallife

Survival Food 101: 9 Survival Foods That Will Outlast The Apocalypse

Survival food- a topic any true prepper has thought about extensively. What to have, how much, how often to replace it, where to keep it, how to store it. The questions go on and on. It can be a daunting task keeping your survival food supply full of e

Free plans, how to build a canned food rotating shelf

Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf

How to Build a Rotating Canned Food Shelf. Storing canned food in your kitchen cabinets is an inefficient use of space and you will often find old cans in the back. This easy-to-build shelf system will solve the problem by rotating the.

Instant Root Cellar Storage idea!  Take PVC piping (or plastic piping of some kind), cut opening and extra ventilation holes and store your produce in the basement.

If I only had a cold storage room :-( Hat tip to Canning Granny for the idea. Barrels turned into storage bins in the root cellar for winter food such as apples, onions, potatoes and squash.

I love this idea for storing canned food! Very efficient, keeps food rotated and takes up much less space than most storage shelving! I bet this could be made using old pallet boards too!

Ideas for DIY canned food dispensers. If you buy a lot of the same canned goods, this particular one would save space; hopefully, you could put it somewhere out of the walkway.