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Jenniffer W.

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Floral Donuts with Blood Orange & Lemon Ginger Glaze.

Supersonic jet photographed with Schlieren method.

"Addictive Donut" by Ryan Miglinczy |

A digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy. Written in TypeScript, using D3.js.

I can't even. No one can.

Paul F. Tompkins and Timothy Omundson | Liezl Estipona

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Mediated Matter & MIT Glass Lab Develop Advanced Glass 3D Printer

Black Box | This reminds me of The Handmaid's Tale.

A melting macaroon tower stands in the corner of the Mel Tea-Room | Kawaii Monster Café, Tokyo

Poet's Muse: Pernod, cloudy apple juice, tonic, lemon.