Old Barn

Old barns built by people of German heritage (such as the Amish) usually had a ramp, made out of earth, going to the main door. Barns by people of Scandanavian heritage were often completely stone with no ramps.

Old Red Snowy Barn.......

Carver County Quilt Barns Photo by L. Marie they have these Quit Barns all over in Shawano, Wisconsin Also.

White Barn...Amber Hills - Utah

FARMHOUSE – BARN – vintage early american barn commonly used for storing farm equipment, storage of harvested crops, or providing shelter for livestock, here is a barn in amber hills, utah.

Beautiful Barn... ahh, rolling hillside! Imagine taking an old flattened cardboard box and racing down those hillsides in the summer.

A very pretty red barn nestled in gently rolling hills. I like the different patterns of the wood on this barn. Very pretty! (mkc via Pat Ryan)

Big red barn in winter.

Restored Red Barn in Winter. Buri’s Barn circa Southeast area of Washington, known as the Palouse region, a region that simply radiates Americana.

The Red Baron Barn

The Red Baron Barn(This photo was taken on August 2006 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, US, using a Nikon ("Hang on Snoopy)"!