Why be ok with being in the same place for so many years and then try to convince people that's where you want to be?! Nobody wants to be average for that long! Average and insecure tsssk tsssk

Oh, how I I love todays. EVERY day has the potential to be the happiest day of your life. Don't dread Monday and only look forward to Friday. Turns out that some of your best days could be Mondays and worst days could be Fridays.

Why not assume you were made to blossom in this moment? You might surprise yourself and bloom.

Then You Win Print 11x14 by Fresh Words Market, 34% off ("Rebecca Peragine of Fresh Words Market and Jenny Poon of eeko studio have teamed up to create this digital print from a line that supports the Occupy movement. The artists wish to support social change by inspiring and engaging communities around the world through powerful design and messaging.")

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