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    Quiet work light. When the light is on, students are to work quietly.

    Ways to use paint swatches in the classroom....the comments section has even more ideas!!!

    No Homework Binder--Each student has a blank page in the binder. The student must write the date, assignment, and reason for not having it on their page for each forgotten assignment. Keeps track of # missing and reasons. Great management tool!

    All Students Can Shine: Apps For Classroom Management Too Noisy Meter, Name Selector, Group Creator!

    This is a "Shout Out Wall" where students can shout out their success in school, home, work or activities

    I have read that the reason doctors believe that Asperger's affects mostly males is because females with Asperger's are better at "hiding" their tics and are able to mimic their peers actions in social situations. Which is why doctors believe Asperger's rarely affects females.

    Have kids sit on chair and hold a chalkboard/sign which says what they love about their mom

    Tattle poster - Do I need to tell the teacher? Yes/No list. Love this!

    Library Display

    Book spine poetry : interactive display

    Stitching over holes

    Library bulletin board based on children/teen books made into films.

    YW CAMP THEME: A Year of FHE: Dr. Seuss LDS Girls' Camp Posters (best yw camp idea ever!)

    Use cups to signal when you need help or a check so kids aren't wasting time sitting with their hand sin the air

    Use cups to signal when you need help or a check so kids aren't wasting time sitting with their hand sin the air

    Goal Setting in the Classroom

    Roll to Make 10 dice math station to practice making 10

    Here's a site with a number of different practice cards for addition.

    First Grade O.W.L.s: 10 is the target... you have to add two numbers together to make ten. Game is similar to bingo. Have students race to put numbers in the blank spaces (e.g., 2+8=10 so they would write 8 in the space between 10 and 2). When they finish they yell Lickety Split!! and they win. Could make several different sheets so that students can trade with a partner and play again and again.

    Here's a page using ten frames to work on addition facts to 10.

    Marzano: "This is probably one of my favorite things for my classroom so far. It’s a little self-assessment flip chart. I have made one for each student and it will sit on the corner of their desk. It is small enough that it won’t be embarrassing for the student but it’s big enough that I can see at a glance who is having trouble with the topic and who is doing fine. I might not use it for every lesson, but I do think that if I get the kids into the habit of using the flip chart..."

    improving handwriting

    Elementary Teaching Ideas

    informing vs tattling media-cache9.pint... ucf90 school ideas