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Tips, Tricks, & Such

Tips, Tricks, & Such

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Tips for Freezing Apples

Conversion chart

The San Francisco Globe

35 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Didn't Know You Could Order

Chippy Layered Paint Finish Technique

(Free) Pretty Recipe Card

Beautiful balloon DIY: wrap with tulle and flowers. Perfect for showers!

Design Improvised: Pom-Pom Balloons!

Place t-shirts in horizontal rows in drawers rather than vertical ones. Not only will you be able to see everything you have, but they'll take up far less space! (folding tutorial included)

Decoding Facial Acne (determine what your acne is telling you through facial mapping)

Tons of household tips...

45 uses for vinegar WOW Ladies!! This really is a must read for oratcial & not so Practical uses of vinegar from erasing crayon from walls & floors, Removing gum from hair & fabrics, Restoring scuffed Handbags & shoes; Saving garments from scorch marks; Sticky stickers removal; Cleaning your grill & for dry & cracked/calloused feet--#45 Soaking for 15 minutes daily will soften your feetsies!!! See all 45

Some great tips for painting wall stripes easily...

Clothes keep slipping off plastic hangers? Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag pattern on the arms of your plastic hangers to prevent all your wide-necked shirts from falling off. Works like a charm!

Coffee can lid as paint splatter shield when painting high surfaces -- cut a slit in the center of a lid and pull the paintbrush through.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf! (in under 5 minutes) Tutorial links to all scarf styles are included as well.

Line clean refrigerator shelves with Press 'n Seal. If a spill or mess occurs, simply peel the wrap, throw away the mess, and recover the shelf! Keeps the fridge clean! BRILLIANT!

Great storage idea for keeping bobby pins in your purse!

Neat visual tool for weight loss motivation. The white ones represent single pounds and each red, heart-shaped one represents five pounds lost.

Reflexology Chart

Hanger Chip Clips

Magnetic Bobby Pin Strip

Homemade matchbox - Mason jar with blank sandpaper on top of the lid. This would be great for camping - and so cute, too!

Aluminum Foil as Fixture Protector - Protect doorknobs and hardware in the kitchen and bathroom when you're painting by wrapping foil around them to catch dribbles. The foil molds to the shape of whatever it's covering and stays firmly in place until the job is complete!

Criss-Cross Headband

Perfect paint lines

Store acrylic paints upside-down -- makes the colors easy to see and the paint is ready to pour right away!

CLEAN MAMA: Acrylic Paint Storage