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Ultimate Teenage Party Themes for Your Tween and Teen Party!

Sit Down If... Outdoor Questions | Youth Leader Stash

Fun Children/Youth Ministry Games! Fun Ninja

KICK FLIP TORTILLA GRIP. Great site for youth games!

Youth Group Games: telephone game-advanced. Tap it Out Telephone This ones great because you don’t need any supplies. It’s like telephone but instead of whispering something, you use your finger and draw the word on the person’s back. Everyone is in a straight line, with multiple teams doing this. First team that gets to the last person and has the correct word wins

20 AWESOME GAMES USING CUPS!!! Cups (be it plastic or paper) are the ultimate kids ministry prop to have around. I have found that games using cups are easy to think of and are always a lot of fun to play. Here are 20 games using cups that will be a huge hit with your kids.

A "getting to know you game" for a large group of people. This was a hit at our recent Relief Society Meeting.

I love this website.. it's one of my favorite for programming!

Doughnut on a string party game! Too fun! @Toby Mayer Matson I thought of you for the next time the Dirks' come over!!!

Giant Angry Birds - My church doesn't have a gym, but we do have a YMCA nearby that perhaps we could partner with.

Cookie Face- one of ten great Minute-to-Win-It games. Perfect for family reunions, parties, or youth activities! (this one is hysterical!!) #minutetowinit #groupgames www.lets-get-toge...