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Psychology Awesomeness

Psychology Awesomeness

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12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational

When you're trying to learn, do something with your new knowledge, such as summarising it or explaining it to someone else. This deepens your memories and helps integrate what you've learned with what you already knew. A new study has tested the benefits of another beneficial learning activity - drawing.

Want to learn something better? Draw it

The business world is abuzz with mindfulness. But perhaps you haven’t heard that the hype is backed by hard science. Recent research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental, present-moment awareness (a.k.a. mindfulness) changes the brain, and it does so in ways that anyone working in today’s complex business environment, and certainly every leader, should know about.

Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain

Emotional Arcade pits regular people in a competition to experience emotions as strongly as they can, while monitoring their brain activity.

Technology Is Not Driving Us Apart After All. Great coverage of an important and interesting issue, and some fascinating researchers!

Feeling mad? New devices sense mood — and tell others.

Don't let your tech toys trick you into working too much. "The increased productivity associated with staying connected to work in the evening hours is often achieved at the cost of mental health, yielding higher stress levels which may lead to poor recovery, impaired performance, fatigue, and sleep complaints."

Super heroes give out more chocolate, villains more chili sauce. "Our results indicate that just five minutes of role-play in virtual environments as either a hero or villain can easily cause people to reward or punish anonymous strangers," says lead researcher Gunwoo Yoon of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Virtual avatars may impact real-world behavior

I love reading about social scientists in tech development. Here's to a future where UX matters.

Technically this is based on a sociology study, but it's still very awesome and relevant. danah shares a much needed well-balanced perspective on how and why kids use social media. The differences between kids' and adults' expectations are very revealing.

Great selfies psych collection, but it's definitely missing Karen Dill's Selfies & Status Updates post! www.psychologytod...

How do the emotional systems in our brain influence how news stories spread on Facebook? Here’s how...

This winter, visit over a steaming latte. Warmth makes an impact on the ‘Heartwarming’ Nature of Social Bonds - Association for Psychological Science

What your Facebook status says about you

Studies show the long-term, positive effects of fitness on cognitive abilities - The Washington Post

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

Why wait? The science behind procrastination

What is #Mindfulness - common misconceptions rebuffed via #Psychology Today

Intro to Media Psychology through Batman

Our memories of social media posts are stronger than those of faces or book sentences. Is it because of simplicity?

My dissertation poster at Fielding. Each year at Summer or Winter session Fielding Graduate University’s doctoral candidates fill conference hall lobby's with presentations about their dissertations.

Mental exercise: The top 10 calorie-burning frightening films to get your heart pumping! Being scared while watching The Shining is like walking for 30 minutes. This new study showed it burns enough calories to equal a chocolate bar, but at the same time the adrenaline lowers your appetite.