Sagittarius The Archer

These silly little boards collected of other artists work are in no way part of my own life's creative work. Sharing makes me happy, so in the spirit of Pinterest may you pin freely and share abundantly.
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The Assassin by female thief rogue archer ranger bow arrow point blank shot

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ #Sagittarius ... So a Sagitt's wavelength doesn't match with other zodiac signs and I also read a Sagitt cannot be with a Sagitt. Oh great God! I need to clone myself on a different month/day. lol

Sagittarius Traits for Android. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is allied with the astrological ninth house. The zodiac sign is represented by a Centaur

English longbow

The English Longbow. When French soldiers found English archers, they would cut off their bow fingers. Hence the insult of flicking two fingers.

Personalized Zodiac Constellation print - 13 x 19 - Twelve Astrological signs available. via Etsy.

Sagittarius woman - Fire spitting dragon

Sagittarius woman - Fire spitting dragon - rarely but once I am hurt its hard to gain my trust

Majestic, formidable, wild, royal.

Fountain of Diana Accompanied by her two dogs, a greyhound and a water spaniel, Diana, the goddess of hunting, reclines with her arm around a majestic stag. This sculpture once surmounted a.

Mounted archer

Faunalyn rode Anadan deep into the misty forest scouting ahead before the group could enter

Fire Archer by ~Madvidart on deviantART

AstroSpirit / Sagittarius ♐ / Fire / the Archer / by ~Madvidart


Erte (Romain de Tirtoff) - Sagittarius (from the Zodiac suite)