12 Most Indispensable Things to do on Social Media Before Your Job Interview

A new type of search engine is being developed by a team of European researchers. What is different about this Internet search tool is that it draws its results from sensors such as cameras and microphones distributed around the world.

The Best Way to Keep Your Team Focused

The Best Way to Keep Your Team Focused

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How to Score a High Profile Mentor in Your Field    Under30CEO    http://under30ceo.com/score-high-profile-mentor/#

Today’s Inspired Action: Find a Mentor. Learn about this person. Listen to their journey. Understand what element[s] you are drawn to about this person. Usually, it identifies an area of your life you truly desire shedding more light [awareness] upon.

The Polish Aholic

The PolishAholic: Color Club Holiday 2011 Beyond The Mistletoe Collection Swatches!

Twitter Tips for Tweeting Accountants. My guest post for Sage Ireland

Life in the Alone Lane

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