Subitizing - partner activity; Love it! Step by step to make a station game. FREE

A Place Called Kindergarten. Accountable talk for kids to use during math centers.

FREE Cootie Catchers for numbers 1-12 including tally marks, ten frames and groups (Liz's Early Learning Spot)

The Elementary Math Maniac: Making Subitizing Cards and Double Flap Cards with First Graders

Counting Hands Math Activity... Would be cool for Halloween math activity for subitizing or counting and cardinality

Ten Frame Flash Game (1-10) on youtube.

Free Fall Counting Mats: Numbers 11 to 20 You could use these with candy, pom poms, or even play dough!

Kindergarten Down River in Texas: 1-20 Number Puzzles

Math Coachs Corner: The Path to Automaticity with Addition Facts. Great blog post about teaching math facts K-2. But lots of my third graders don't have automaticity!!

Odd and Evens anchor chart idea. Some of my third graders don't have this down! (Picture only, no link)

FREE! Donuts Missing Addend Math Center! Kindergarten, First Grade, Special Education, Homeschool. Hands-on, active learning!

Life Over C's: Free Interactive Ten-Frame Activities

Number of the Day: Daily Number Sense Activity FREEBIE

Using ten frames as part of your calendar routine...perfect for a quick number sense activity each day!

Dot Cards to Nine.pdf Number Talks

Subitising ten frames

Plastic cups and clear address labels make simple and cheap math center activities!

Little Minds at Work: Number Sense Routines Book Study: Chapter 3

Tens Frames Puzzles!

"Spot On" 10 frame game

Use plates to make a giant tens frame

Here's a packet with all kinds of counting and place value resources, including these double decker bus ten frames.

#FREE Unifix Cubes Print & Play Number Combinations 5 & 10 Race Game Mats

Life Over C's: Free Interactive Ten-Frame Activities

Tens Frames Puzzles!