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Math - Fractions

Number One In Disguise- Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: February 2014

Comparing fractions anchor chart. Plus more anchor chart ideas on this blog post!

Things That Come in Halves and Quarters: The Real World Connection (Blog Post) Fractions are REALLY important concepts that must be connected to student’s lives.

Equivalent Fractions Made Simple- This would be super cool to do with cookies and icing- have the kids "draw" their own dividing lines with icing... :)

Here's a very cool model for using familiar foods (graham crackers, Hershey bars, etc.) to place fractions on a number line.

Hands-On Fractions {Using Playdough to Show Equal Shares}

Composing and Decomposing Fractions chart/poster

Math Coach's Corner: Fractions on a Number Line with Cuisenaire Rods. Students use prior knowledge about fractions as parts of a whole to construct meaning for fractions on a number line. Includes a SMART Notebook file you can download for free and a student reproducible to use with Cuisenaire rods.

Improper fractions and mixed numbers 'Go Fish' card game. Students make their own cards and challenge each others' ability to translate improper fractions to mixed numbers and vise versa.

Math Coach's Corner: Concrete Learning for Equivalent Fractions. Lots of Standards for Mathematical Practice are embedded into this FREE activity for exploring equivalent fractions.

Research in Mathematics Education Blog: Comparing Fractions

FRACTION VIDEO~ Easy mini-lesson for teaching fractions on a number line. Well done! (approx. 6:38 min.)

Here's a nice anchor chart with strategies for multiplying fractions.

Create●Teach●Share: 80+ Fraction Printables

Free - Some ideas on tools and foods you can use to teach fractions #math

This gives me a good idea for teaching fractions on a number line

Understanding those tiny quarter inches on a ruler visually.

Solar Power!: Comparing Fractions Anchor Chart

Nurture Creek: 14 Basic Fraction Activities

fractions anchor chart

Online Interactive Fraction Game- helps develop equivalency and number line concepts.

Interactive Math Notebook - Fractions at Create●Teach●Share. Aligned with CCSS.