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Things I love

Things I love

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Cookie by MonochromeTear on deviantART

Buttons the puppy was the runt of the litter and was rejected by her mother, but at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, he found someone who loves him unconditionally: Kitty the kitten. The two were placed together as infants and are now inseparable.

A Rejected Puppy And An Abandoned Kitten Adopt Each Other

The Office

23 Times Mindy Kaling Perfectly Captured Your Angst

Road Trip Tips! Whether you’re interested in restoring an old classic car or you just need to get your family’s reliable transportation looking good after an accident, B & B Collision Corp in Royal Oak, MI is the company for you! Call (248) 543-2929 or visit our website www.bandbcollisio... for more information!

the duchess of plumewood: Road trippin'

Make a food passport to be sure that you hit all of the spots you planned for. I 30 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome

30 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome

29 Simple Road Trip Hacks You Need To Know--love the shower caddy idea, but then again is it just more junk?

29 Simple Road Trip Hacks You Need To Know
  • Marisa Alvarez
    Marisa Alvarez

    Also remember to pack baby wipes, they're Important for after you eat or if you need to clean up messes

  • Regina Green
    Regina Green


  • Brandee Shropshire
    Brandee Shropshire

    Thanks Marisa Alvarez!

Sabrina. Classic.

Be nice to ugly girls. We will rule the world.

The 10 Best SNL skits. Having a bad day? Save for later.

Haha - One of my favorite Michael Scott quotes! Loved his irrational hatred of Toby.

Edinburgh, Scotland. The Scots are great inventors and have been responsible for logarithmic tables, fax machines, anesthetics during childbirth, linoleum, color photography, pneumatic tires, the thermos, penicillin, the telephone, and antiseptic (thanks to Joseph Lister) among other inventions.

24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing: I especially like the wi-fi password one.

I die

Wicked Witch of the West.

me in every class ever


Remembering this and realizing just how old you are.That's So Raven- Cory and the Boys, Can You Feel the Love. Classic

What It’s Like To Be In College, As Told By Our Favorite Disney Characters This is great!

What to watch on Netflix.

24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Man to be a Gentleman

Half sleeve idea

Another TOMS outlet site. This time even cheaper!

Hahahaha this is perfect!

100 Things to do this summer

Printable patterns for coloring